Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good night, chocolate salty balls

I like to make fun of about almost everything. but I try and have a healthy respect for the dead. i think most of people's faults should be excused when they die, and I'm terrified of dying myself. Plus i believe in ghosts. So it's sad to see Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes go. Bernie was hilarious in Ocean's Eleven "Blackjack? More like White Jack!" And hayes is Chef. Freakin Chef! Here's to hopin Isaac gets a big "Hello there children!" when he enters the afterlife.

So I guess I only have a few more months to make fun of amy winehouse. enjoy it while you can, cracky!


Tyler said...

dead black guy weekend... shoulda happened in february, they would've had more air time.

Marcus said...

I hope Xenu and L. Ron Hubbard are there to greet chef but I seriously doubt it. Good luck buddy.