Sunday, August 10, 2008

Caption Contest!

Put your caption suggestions in the comments on this awesome photo.


Marcus said...

I am sure I will later realize that these two entries are not actually funny, and I am just tired, but let’s see what you think anyways.

President mistakes African American females for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Olympian’s cryptic lower back tattoo is confirmed to be a Skull and Cross Bones “bulls’ eye.” President Bush reacts accordingly.

Tyler said...

His gaze never having risen above the plane of the pink band-aid, President Bush contemplates whether to address the victorious olympian as "Roman Numeral V" or "Nike Swoosh".

Joe said...

"hoo-ee! Bein president is awesome! 'cept people are always tryin to make me work. "

Jacob said...

How'd this here arabian sneak onto the American team? Tackler her! we'll question her at guantanamo bay! FREEDOM